The Online Diary Planner Boosts Web Conferencing and Makes Online Meetings Unforgettable

As the world is metamorphosing into a global village, web conferencing, online meetings and webinars have become the buzzwords of the day. With the influence of globalization spreading even to the most remote corners of the globe, Internet conferencing, online meetings and web-based meetings have assumed new dimensions. Meetings that required to be hosted with much fanfare before are being conducted using web or video conferencing techniques. In the yesteryears, the arrival of the President of an organization from foreign shores was a special occasion. The branch office at home would gear up for his/her arrival a fortnight before he/she arrived, and give him/her a grand reception right from the airport. As the President stepped out of the limousine and entered the office, a red carpet would be laid out and a well-rehearsed event would be hosted in the person’s honor before everyone got down to work. Those days have disappeared now with the advent of web conferencing. Now, top-ranking executives visit subsidiary offices only if it is absolutely essential. Everything else is achieved through video conferencing. Training sessions, meetings, and presentations are now conducted through web conferencing. WebEx is by far the most popular web conferencing software. It helps you to ‘deliver real-time IT support to distributed company employees’. It also helps you to ‘minimize downtime while maximizing helpdesk productivity’. Dimdim web conferencing software is an exceptional Internet conferencing software that offers excellent web- conferencing solutions. Oracle web-conferencing and Microsoft web-conferencing are other renowned applications that support web conferencing. Microsoft has also launched a software that supports video conferencing. Several software companies are now producing software that can support web video conferencing. Some applications are even open source web-conferencing software.

All told, web conferencing helps to cut face-to-face meeting expenditures; travel expenditures that arise when executives fly to destinations in order to attend conferences; other inevitable expenditures that occur when a conference is hosted, such as venue, meeting equipment, food and drinks, and delegate accommodation expenditures. If you want a web conferencing comparison, you should try out web- conferencing with different software.

But web or video conferencing has its limitations. Web conferencing is about connecting with people who are far away and using sophisticated equipment that supports such conferencing. It is not about the conference or meeting per se. It is not about how you’ll set your meeting agenda, what the topics for discussion will be, how you’ll extract data from old documents and minutes of meetings and conferences previously held, it is not about how you’ll collate your data and facts, how you’ll streamline the meeting-data organization process so that you don’t feel lost in a sea of data when you decide to summon a meeting or call a conference. These deficiencies of video conferencing have been more than adequately made up by the online organizing tool commonly known as the online diary planner.

The online diary planner is a web-based application that enhances web conferencing by several degrees. The online diary planner is an application that allows you to manage data and documentation in a way that’s new and satisfying. The online diary planner and web conferencing are two sides of the same coin. The online diary planner is an application into which you can upload your list of contacts; the agenda, minutes, summaries and relevant documents of meetings; photos and details of venues; and other meeting-related information quickly and from which you can retrieve data as soon as you want. A part of the online diary planner is devoted to web conferencing too. The webapp allows you to share critical meeting data and agenda with key people of the organization through its Shared Meeting and Shared Agenda facilities. While you can use web conferencing to access and share meeting-related data via the online diary planner, the online diary planner ensures that your confidential data remains inaccessible and secure.

A reliable online diary planner furthers the goal of web conferencing by being available to you for use at zero cost. A free software, the authentic online diary planner can function in concert with web conferencing software to yield great results! Look up if you want to avail of genuine and free online diary planners for meetings and conferences. You can trust Wikipedia to give unbiased information.

Learn To Create Photo Effects

Even the most beautiful photo shots can use an effect in order to be absolutely perfect. Even though they look great, there might be a detail that looks much better highlighted or the entire photo-shot might look even more amazing by adding a certain detail. Sometimes, there are photo-shots that look absolutely gorgeous but that would look even more impressive with a smoothed detail or a blurred one. These are just some of the changes that certain photos need in order to be transformed from great photo-shots into perfect ones.

Luckily for those who are implicated in this industry, there are plenty of cool photo effects that can be used in order to change certain small details. Unfortunately, there are a lot of people who don’t know how to add effects to photos. If you are one of them, here are some simple steps that will teach you everything you need to know about this field. Luckily, your good taste and a few blending techniques can help you obtain any effect you want and transform the photo-shot that you want to change. For this, all you need is some mouse clicks.

The first step is to open the photo editor that you want to choose. There are plenty of types of software especially designed for photo effects, so just choose one of them and install it.

Once the editor file is opened, you can move on to step number two, which is to import the photo that is going to be changed from the file where you saved it.

The photo imported is going to be saved in the ”layers” tab, so step number three is to select the tab and to open it in order to get access to the photo that is going to be changed.

Step number four is to click on the ”filter” tab. This tab contains a list of sub-menus that list the number of filters that can be used on the photo. You just have to decide the number of filters that you are going to use for the photo that you are about to edit and to select the appropriate sub-menu tab. Once step number four is ready, you can go on to step number five.

Step number five is to direct your attention to the ”blur” tab, which is usually used for the routine retouching. This tab offers you the possibility to produce new shades, to define lines and to soften or hazy the shading effect, so just play with it in order to find the perfect combination for your photo. Once you are ready with this tab, you can do to the sixth step, which is also the final one.

Step number six is to direct your attention towards the ”distort” tab; this tab contains sub-menus that allow you to render the image, squeeze it or stretch it, so you’ll probably find it funny. This is one of the tabs that allow you to use some fun photo effects. I’m sure you’ll love it.

How To Create Cool Photo Effects Online

Images can be a lot of fun and they can also help us in expressing our creativity. They can help us in expressing our visions, in the simplest possible manner. Earlier, people only used to utilize their cameras and photography skills to come up with the most creative images and to create some photo effects. However, these days’ people also use other simpler and more sophisticated means for creating different types of photo effects. They are no longer dependent on the cameras alone to create the most artistic photos possible. There are a variety of other tools which can help them in this endeavor.

The best way to create cool photo effects of your choice is to opt for any of the tools available online. These tools offer a wide variety of features which can be utilized for making the images interesting, artistic and fun. They can help you to express your ideas in a simple manner, without having to spend a lot of time, effort and money. Here are some of the interesting tools available online, which can allow you create cool photo effects:

1. Splashup – it offers a very casual and fun experience of editing images. The site has a very simple and user-friendly interface, along with various tools for creating fun photo effects. Formerly, this online application, which has been very popular with the users, was known as Fauxto. It will allow you to edit your images and even create new ones. You can use different filters and settings to create the effects of your choice. The application can work on a real time basis.

2. Picture2Life – as its name suggests, this application can be used to give life to your pictures. The best part about Picture 2 Life is that, it is a free to use photo editing application which can be accessed online. It is even compatible with social networking sites such as Facebook, MySpace, Flickr, Twitter etc. Hence, it will not only allow you to edit your images but will also allow you to share the images with your friends. It is certainly a powerful image editing tool.

3. Dr. Pic – the application not only has a fancy name but it also offers many fancy tools for creating cool photo effects. It is a no nonsense tool, which is easy to use and can offer quick results. With the help of this application, you can crop your images, resize them, add text to them and even insert various special effects to make your images interesting. This service is also available for free of cost and has been online since 2005.

4. Phixr – this is great tool for creating funny photo effects online. The tool can be used to edit images, and make them interesting with the help of a variety of features. It will even allow you to save the edited images online so that you can access them from anywhere, with the help of the internet. Phixr is one of the most popular online image editors.